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No. 61
{{{"this slutty ginger with a bush loves to show her holes for $$$" | renderPostMessage 61}}}

No. 64
{{{"hey samefag, stop shilling for this mentally derranged cutter, shes never gonna fuck you" | renderPostMessage 64}}}

No. 65
{{{"i am literally the mentally deranged cutter lol" | renderPostMessage 65}}}

No. 66
{{{"Tried to hit you up to buy content and nothing." | renderPostMessage 66}}}

No. 67
{{{"try again maybe? i respond to everyone" | renderPostMessage 67}}}

No. 68
{{{"still no response on $ na p" | renderPostMessage 68}}}

No. 69
{{{"i dont have any unopened messages right now though" | renderPostMessage 69}}}

No. 72
{{{">>68\n\ntaking your money and ignoring you is her whole thing lmao. what do you expect of a thot that posts HERSELF on here..." | renderPostMessage 72}}}

No. 73
{{{">>72\n\nAn ugly, pock marked thot at that" | renderPostMessage 73}}}

No. 74
{{{"yall are so rude lol you can call me pockmarked, ugly, and thot but one thing i'm not is a scammer." | renderPostMessage 74}}}

No. 75
Open file(264.53 KB, 1125x2436, 835D0A94-2AE9-4EAC-A8D4-F19F1837F7A2.jpeg)

{{{"Nasty bitch will do anything for money especially scam you" | renderPostMessage 75}}}

No. 76
{{{"1) thats proof im a seller, not proof im a scammer 2) if you think pee is nasty you vanilla af" | renderPostMessage 76}}}

No. 77
{{{"Lmao bitch is big mad about an anon image board thread LOOOOOOL\n\nQuit being a literal whore, get your life straightened out, and maybe you wont wanna cut yourself anymore" | renderPostMessage 77}}}

No. 78
{{{">>75\nPost what you got" | renderPostMessage 78}}}

No. 80
{{{"I paid her and minutes later got my content. Idk if any of you ever actually paid this girl." | renderPostMessage 80}}}

No. 81
{{{"anaon... im checking this thread cause its about me. whats your excuse? also, i was a cutter way before i was a whore." | renderPostMessage 81}}}

No. 82
Open file(121.86 KB, 651x1024, 85eb6bd02c6e28aa0e2a8d9f9047914bc509bdac619161e7a51db1543efb1089.jpg)

Open file(251.41 KB, 1538x2048, 41186f9ff1fed26d74092eb3fb438360691bcabec60cdc8b9ae7c75c1a50cc15.jpg)

{{{">>78" | renderPostMessage 82}}}

No. 84
{{{"I paid and got my content. You retards don't know how to do business. Young commies wanting a handout....for everything." | renderPostMessage 84}}}

No. 85
{{{">>84\n\n You can pose as anons all you want, but no one wants your gross pics or your beaten up holes. \n\nYou literally are what we can a practice girl" | renderPostMessage 85}}}

No. 86
{{{">>85\nI bet she makes more money than you loser. Let me guess, you are the same tard who tried blackNO PRIVATE - HEREing her for feet pics then got d0xed on the last board." | renderPostMessage 86}}}

No. 87
{{{">>84\n\nDo you work for a waste management company? Thats the only other people I know who are proud to pay for trash" | renderPostMessage 87}}}

No. 88
{{{"i have a question anon. if you think im so ugly, WHY are you continuously refreshing a thread that is all about me?" | renderPostMessage 88}}}

No. 89
{{{">>88\nim a troll" | renderPostMessage 89}}}

No. 91
{{{">>89\n That's funny. Cause she's one too." | renderPostMessage 91}}}

No. 92
{{{"i'm not a scammer, i can provide proof. can YOU?" | renderPostMessage 92}}}

No. 93
{{{"The fact that you are even on this site defending yourself tells me all I need to know about the level of self-respect you have... Or lack thereof.\n\nGood luck with your 6$ pics. I'm sure you're just RAKING it in" | renderPostMessage 93}}}

No. 94
{{{"This girl is reliable af when it comes to sending out the content" | renderPostMessage 94}}}

No. 95
{{{">>92\nProof of what? Youre literally deranged" | renderPostMessage 95}}}

No. 96
{{{">>93\nThis is some serious incel shit. Stop being a scrub" | renderPostMessage 96}}}

No. 97
{{{"We all know that’s you pretending to get content you paid for. Not falling for your scam. You lead people on and then block them after they pay." | renderPostMessage 97}}}

No. 98
{{{"Why would anyone pay to see this ugly bitch or her dirty ass feet??" | renderPostMessage 98}}}

No. 99
{{{"ngl bro u niggas weird as fuck i buy off her sometimes literally never had any issues what's with all the hate" | renderPostMessage 99}}}

No. 100
{{{"fr reading these comments u niggas fucking weird yall looking for her shit and callin her all these names what the fuvk yall even on here for lmao just to talk yall shit" | renderPostMessage 100}}}

No. 101
{{{">>100\n English, nigger. Learn it." | renderPostMessage 101}}}

No. 102
{{{">>101\nThink it's about time to d_ox this loser again" | renderPostMessage 102}}}

No. 103
{{{"Maybe someone should d_ox Caitlyn" | renderPostMessage 103}}}

No. 104
{{{">>103\nThis is how needy you are for attention. Just as things simmer down you throw your own name out there just to stroke the flames again ..... \n\nNo one cares enough about you to d_ox you, Caitlyn. Sheeeeesh" | renderPostMessage 104}}}

No. 105
{{{"She don't respond. Guess she makes tons of money cause Ive HHU a few times and no response." | renderPostMessage 105}}}

No. 107
{{{"Bump" | renderPostMessage 107}}}

No. 114
Open file(87.74 KB, 721x960, 54CD0F96-48DD-43A2-B64C-8F208046206D.jpeg)

{{{"All she will ever be" | renderPostMessage 114}}}

No. 122
{{{">>114\npost more" | renderPostMessage 122}}}

No. 123
{{{">>122\nJusten got do_xed today. He's probably too scared to come back." | renderPostMessage 123}}}

No. 129
Open file(361.75 KB, 1536x2048, D6544432-9054-42A5-AD80-4CD6589CCC58.jpeg)

{{{"" | renderPostMessage 129}}}

No. 130
{{{"slut finally made 0F yall. o/\\/L¥ F@/\\/$ firecrotchcutie" | renderPostMessage 130}}}

No. 132
{{{">>130\nWhy would I pay when it’s free online" | renderPostMessage 132}}}

No. 139
Open file(264.53 KB, 1125x2436, FB4CD8DA-5CD1-42A4-BEC0-9DF88D4E103A.jpeg)

{{{"" | renderPostMessage 139}}}

No. 141
Open file(1.33 MB, 1125x1864, 541C02BF-1461-4EFF-8A28-C04C61C80729.jpeg)

{{{"" | renderPostMessage 141}}}

No. 150
{{{">>141\nEwww wtf wrong wit her pussy 🤢" | renderPostMessage 150}}}

No. 153
Open file(266.06 KB, 1125x1500, 1736D852-94D3-44C8-B99C-A84DB02EB1CA.jpeg)

{{{"" | renderPostMessage 153}}}

No. 160
{{{"Shes hella hot. I'd pee on her fa sho" | renderPostMessage 160}}}

No. 171
{{{"ewww she has genital warts" | renderPostMessage 171}}}

No. 172
{{{">>171\ntell me you've never seen the inside of a vagina without telling me you've never seen the inside of a vagina" | renderPostMessage 172}}}

No. 174
{{{">>172\nThose are genital warts my dude" | renderPostMessage 174}}}

No. 177
{{{">>174\nits definitely vaginal rugae. thats not what warts even look like" | renderPostMessage 177}}}

No. 178
Open file(88.29 KB, 749x1180, 2021-05-10 07-48-19.JPG)

Open file(111.30 KB, 1125x1408, 2021-12-14 22-20-53.JPEG)

Open file(232.84 KB, 1118x1475, 2021-12-14 22-21-00.JPEG)

Open file(132.10 KB, 1124x1753, 2021-12-14 22-20-57.JPEG)

Open file(87.76 KB, 1125x941, 2021-12-14 22-20-55.JPEG)

{{{"" | renderPostMessage 178}}}

No. 191
{{{"Wow what a cute little piss slut" | renderPostMessage 191}}}

No. 204
Open file(481.66 KB, 1536x2048, 2021-05-10 07-59-47.JPEG)

Open file(72.84 KB, 640x853, 2021-11-27 03-13-20.JPG)

Open file(192.87 KB, 818x1024, 2021-08-19 16-08-28.JPEG)

Open file(307.70 KB, 1536x2048, 2021-08-19 15-50-57.JPEG)

{{{"" | renderPostMessage 204}}}

No. 208
{{{">>204\nwtf that pic is definitely -" | renderPostMessage 208}}}

No. 212
{{{"Dumb whore deleted her Twitter from embarrassment lol" | renderPostMessage 212}}}

No. 235
Open file(1.36 MB, 1125x1834, 19F6823B-79BD-4135-A962-579E5328B3CA.jpeg)

{{{"One ugly slut" | renderPostMessage 235}}}

No. 236
{{{">>212\nStill has fb" | renderPostMessage 236}}}

No. 253
{{{">>81\n\nEvery guy or girl posting here would fuck her in an instant if they had the chance! \n\nShe's hot, i'd piss on her, fuck here, do whatever she wanted!" | renderPostMessage 253}}}

No. 255
{{{">>253\nKeep dreaming Caitlyn" | renderPostMessage 255}}}

No. 260
Open file(3.77 MB, 3648x2736, P1060648.jpg)

{{{"" | renderPostMessage 260}}}

No. 374
{{{"Don't let this die." | renderPostMessage 374}}}

No. 388
Open file(428.29 KB, 1536x2048, FU5nQ09X0AAJqZn.jpeg)

{{{"Cait is the best, shes nice and her prices are reasonable. If you dont like her you probably have no sex life, 10/10 would fuck all holes" | renderPostMessage 388}}}

No. 390
{{{">>388\n\n\nHonestly would just put her on her knees in doggy and gape her ass for the camera" | renderPostMessage 390}}}

No. 401
{{{">>388\nThis is her trying to scam people don’t fall for it" | renderPostMessage 401}}}

No. 408
{{{">>401\nShe never scammed me. She gives you a lot for money and she has an OF now. I stopped buying a long time ago and unsubbed from her OF. She shows it all but there's no variety so sub for a like a month and get your fill." | renderPostMessage 408}}}

No. 411
{{{">>408\nOkay Caitlyn, nobody believes you" | renderPostMessage 411}}}

No. 412
{{{">>411\nIf I was really her would I really say her content is stagnant and you should just sub for one month to sc- her content?" | renderPostMessage 412}}}

No. 424
{{{">>412\nYou guys hurt her feelings" | renderPostMessage 424}}}

No. 452
{{{">>260\n>>260\nfukken more" | renderPostMessage 452}}}

No. 474
Open file(36.82 KB, 300x621, Snapchat-18416493.jpg)

Open file(65.75 KB, 960x960, 278642259_3170212753191771_8543422496789955421_n.jpg)

Open file(127.13 KB, 960x960, 276312711_3147832325429814_3449909511910832029_n.jpg)

Open file(148.73 KB, 1125x1721, 9qkurmh2p8j81.jpg)

Open file(266.06 KB, 1125x1500, efaf78946098e494e8a4cd15d26dafc8cdf44d5e658b4dedf41925ffd15117fd.jpg)

{{{"Coupe de grace\n\nFinish her" | renderPostMessage 474}}}

No. 481
{{{"Nah they’re not Cait or lying. She is actually really nice and gives you like a personal gfe when you talk to her which obviously most of you incels need. I’m all for anonymously ripping whores apart but being honest she’s probably one of the better ugly ones out there. If you’re into red heads that look like they ate 400 sour skittles and to be pissed on then she’s really your girl. Just don’t be a dick." | renderPostMessage 481}}}

No. 558
{{{">>481\n\nNever understand why you lame ass guys want or like that fake ass \"gfe\" when you know shes sayin the same shit to a dozen other dudes." | renderPostMessage 558}}}

No. 569
{{{">>558\nReally hard calling anyone lame when you’re on possibly the lamest website known to man." | renderPostMessage 569}}}

No. 628
{{{"Fornicaitlyn on Sc👻" | renderPostMessage 628}}}

No. 633
{{{"Any more good pictures of her?" | renderPostMessage 633}}}

No. 657
{{{">>65\nThis isn't your personal validation website you abused whore. Fuck off." | renderPostMessage 657}}}

No. 658
Open file(120.56 KB, 700x700, 1468831141488 (4).jpg)

{{{">>86\n>I bet she makes more money than you loser.\n\nLOL! Cope harder you ugly slut." | renderPostMessage 658}}}

No. 659
{{{"this is the oldest thread on here\n\nwith every insult you losers shout, she gets more free advertising\n\nno pussy getting losers getting played" | renderPostMessage 659}}}

No. 664
{{{"Her personal number is in one of the pics. Tell her how you really feel lma-o" | renderPostMessage 664}}}

No. 665
Open file(82.54 KB, 973x781, 1.png)

{{{">>664\ndox\nmods kill this already" | renderPostMessage 665}}}

No. 666
Open file(36.82 KB, 300x621, fe265365c83ece626e74fa1a98bde85fcc882688a3c31a060841ddc35022aab8.jpg)

{{{"Here you go :)" | renderPostMessage 666}}}

No. 670
{{{">>665\n\n\nI showed James, Michelle AND Megan her online work." | renderPostMessage 670}}}

No. 707
{{{"gfe hotline 540-885-2142" | renderPostMessage 707}}}

No. 708
{{{"Why dox her and be shitty to her? Is it just because you hate women? How does it benefit you to be a shitty person?" | renderPostMessage 708}}}

No. 710
{{{">>708\n>Why dox her and be shitty to her? Is it just because you hate women?\n\nYes. I hate whores with mental issues even more lol." | renderPostMessage 710}}}

No. 711
{{{">>204\nLol thats a NO PRIVATE - HEREe phenotype if I ever saw one" | renderPostMessage 711}}}

No. 712
{{{">>710\nWhy how does it affect you? How lonely and retarded are you? Why can’t you autists just share nudes on here? You’re just making life worse for everyone, especially the person you’re doxxing. You should do the world a favor and go to therapy or kill yourself." | renderPostMessage 712}}}

No. 713
{{{">>712\nI always love the irony of a mentally ill whore calling other people retarded and telling them to go to therapy lmao. \n>You’re just making life worse for everyone, especially the person you’re doxxing.\nGood fuck her. This isn't a site for these whores to advertise themselves, quite the opposite.\n\nNo one wants your ugly ass, hooked nose, no tits nudes." | renderPostMessage 713}}}

No. 717
{{{">>713\nAre you mad no one has ever touched your pp? Did mommy stop giving you gbp so now you can’t get tendies? Is your empathy so underdeveloped that you think she’s the only one who could be calling you a grade A retarded virgin?" | renderPostMessage 717}}}

No. 721
Open file(454.58 KB, 1400x1397, 1585559917738 (2).jpg)

{{{">>717\n>y-you just c-cant get l-LAID! [insert incel/virgin implication]\"\nAlso you\n>Is in fact posting her ugly used up ass on anon.ib because she cant make it on OFs or in life\n\nI love how you're not even denying being the slut in the photos lol. Youre literally lower than shark shit fishing whore. Same level as a street walker." | renderPostMessage 721}}}

No. 722
{{{"You guys suck. This girl is gorgeous. You are being rude for absolutely no reason." | renderPostMessage 722}}}

No. 725
{{{">>721\nBreathe into a paper bag, buddy. You'll be OK." | renderPostMessage 725}}}

No. 726
{{{">>721\nThe ginger board barely has anything posted on it and you actively try sabotage this board. You can reeeeeee all day but no one will ever love you for it. You'll need to change yourself. You can scream and cry about society and Stacy's but your loneliness is your fault. I come here for free porn. I'm not here to defend firecrotchgirl. I'm here to attack you." | renderPostMessage 726}}}

No. 730
{{{"post her wins stop with all that hate \nid love to see more of her and videos of her getting nasty \nstop trolling and talking shit.\nif you don't like her content fuck off" | renderPostMessage 730}}}

No. 735
{{{">>725\nGet a real job and impress your father, you'll be ok. \n>>726\nIm not sabotaging the board, I'm sabotaging this cunt. This site exists for men to spread nudes of femoids without their permission. Essentially virtual Not allowed. Women dont get to come on here and benefit from their bodies." | renderPostMessage 735}}}

No. 739
{{{">>735\nIf you don't like her being here go complain to a mod that she's ruining your safe space because you're a piss baby snowflake." | renderPostMessage 739}}}

No. 741
{{{">>739\nAww poor simp is upset." | renderPostMessage 741}}}

No. 745
{{{">>741\nI never have and never will give her a cent. I just don't hate myself and lash out at others because no one loves me. It's nice have friends and loved ones. You should try it sometime." | renderPostMessage 745}}}

No. 746
{{{"Not gunna lie I'd cum inside that pussy time and time again no questions asked I'd stuff whatever hole she wanted stuffed but as long as my load is getting inside that pussy idc I'd love to tounge fuck your asshole while I am 2 fingers knuckles deep in that pussy, and I wanna tounge your pussy lips and clit like a hillbilly plays a banjo baby" | renderPostMessage 746}}}

No. 766
{{{"Poor baby girl. You bad ass fuck. Lot of haters around here gonna hate. You've been nothing but sweet and nice and these idiots just want to tear you down. But you fine as hell. Fucking Bump!" | renderPostMessage 766}}}

No. 767
Open file(362.33 KB, 1200x2208, B61D167E-8703-4E80-9255-A131605C8140.jpeg)

{{{"" | renderPostMessage 767}}}

No. 771
{{{">>745\n>I never have and never will give her a cent. I just don't hate myself and lash out at others because no one loves me. It's nice have friends and loved ones. You should try it sometime.\n>He think she's his friend\n\nUno how I know you're a virgin?" | renderPostMessage 771}}}

No. 792
{{{">>771\nI've never interacted with her, retard. I don't think she's my friend. If your mother didn't ruin your brain by drinking when she was pregnant you'd probably have developed empathy, but now here you are with your FAS and inability to connect with the world. So you lash out. Not realizing that most people don't want to hurt strangers." | renderPostMessage 792}}}

No. 851
Open file(574.02 KB, 1080x2274, Screenshot_20221116_204147.jpg)

{{{"" | renderPostMessage 851}}}

No. 935
Open file(628.37 KB, 1125x1043, 6E593C7C-0BB4-4EED-848C-560D751643E0.jpeg)

{{{"At least she still has all her morals" | renderPostMessage 935}}}

No. 944
{{{">>935\nDefinitely" | renderPostMessage 944}}}

No. 953
{{{"This stupid bitch is s i x Not allowed in most of these piz. total u n de r a ge porn with this ugly slut." | renderPostMessage 953}}}

No. 957
{{{">>944\nLmfao got this bitch licking a public toilet seat: I’m dead 💀" | renderPostMessage 957}}}

No. 959
{{{"gross \ndisgusting\npimple faced\ncovered in scars\nsmells\nhas bad breath\nbegs for money\nshits her pants\nloser friends\n\nam i missing anything?" | renderPostMessage 959}}}

No. 960
{{{">>959\n\nParents and sister shown her whole gallery on faze bhuck.." | renderPostMessage 960}}}

No. 982
{{{"lamia thread gets nuked, and this shitpost with actual d0xing on it stays up. wtf\n\nhey mod cait is <18 in most of these" | renderPostMessage 982}}}

No. 983
Open file(211.04 KB, 1125x1988, 07707FC9-1BDD-41DE-9533-AB925FD533AF.jpeg)

{{{"How she cleans the toilets at McDonald’s" | renderPostMessage 983}}}